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Lose weight without dieting now!!

Welcome, I know you are not visiting this page by chance so am gonna go straight to the point. I know you were directed here by one of the many people using the info contained in this product to lose weight fast but I would still like to add a few details/benefits of purchasing this product.
First I'd like to stress on the price. assuming you are using one of the many weight loss supplements which normally cost on average $50 and they(weight loss supplements) normally contain just a few pills that will last for at most 2 weeks. it is a fact that most weight loss pills don't show any results until after a month or two which means you'll be spending $100 every month to keep up with your weight program whereas this is just a one time purchase only.
Another benefit of this product is its effectiveness. like I said before, most weight loss pills( the most effective ones actually) take between one and two months for results to be evident but with this product, be rest assured to notice results within two to three weeks and I'll be damned if it doesn't work as stated above.
The last benefit I'll like to talk about is that this product is 100% natural thus its safe for your health unlike weight loss pills that are very detrimental to your health because they have been shown to cause heart attacks, high blood pressure etc. 
Right now I think I should enlighten you so you'd know how the body loses weight. the major controller of your weight is your heart and this is how it works. when your heart beat rate is high due to any activity you might be involved in, it signals the body to burn fat to release energy to sustain you. the heart does not signal the body what kind of fat to burn because that is solely the body's business. now the body burns fat using a straight rule. if you workout after a meal no matter how small, your body will burn fat(energy) present in the food and when you workout before any meal your body will burn fat stored in your fat cells (mostly beneath the skin) because insulin has not been released and thus the fat cells can give up fat to be used for energy. now let me tell you what weight pills do to your body. they manipulate your heart rate to get high so your body can burn fat even when you are not involved in any activity(sleeping) which is completely unnatural and such unnatural manipulation always affect the area being manipulated that is why weight loss pills cause heart problems.
NOTE: this product is a complete guide on how to mix liquids  from readily available materials (fruits included) to make the perfect weight loss drink for fast weight loss and it also informs of the perfect time to workout for maximum effectiveness of the weight loss drink and the workouts recommended in this guide are light workouts just to compliment the weight loss drink. one of the main reasons am selling this product is to inform people of the dangers of weight loss pills and even if you can't afford this product  and you still wanna lose weight, please do not take weight loss pills, all you have to do is workout(hard) and be patient. the best thing about losing weight naturally is that you'll never gain back the lost weight. You can get it here  .

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Get Your Natural Heart Disease Preventer Here


it is with great joy that i announce to you that a reasearch company (Imperial Research Group) based on natural remedies have successfully found a preventer for one of the most deadly health issues worlwide which is heart disease. The best thing iabout this product is that it is very much affordable.

Below is a little highlight of the product the imperial research group is selling. but first i'll like to show you the statistics of heart disease in recent times. As we all know , heart disease is the leading cause of death in europe and america. there have been misconceptions about the disease. Below are misconceptions, facts and staistics of heart disease.

1. Vitamin C can prevent heart disease.

2. Heart muscles can be revived to work as good as before after an heart disease.

3. The more skinny you get, the less you are at risk of heart disease.

4. Heart disease can be managed by a low earning individual.


1. physically fit people can have heart disease if they are not concious of the other risk factors.

2. Scar tissues formed after a heart attack cannot function as good as the original heart muscle.

3. Heart disease cannot be cured nor prevented no matter the quantity of vitamin c consumed.

4. Heart disease is very expensive to manage (about $108 billion is spent on heart disease annually in the u.s)


1. About 5.1 million people in the united states have heart failure.

2. 17.3 million people died from cvds in 2008.

3. About half of people who develop heart failure die within 5 years of diagnosis.

4. Heart disease cost the u.s an estimated $32 billion each year.

5. 1 in every 9 deaths in 2009 included heart failure as a contributing cause.

6. 7.3 million people died of coronary heart disease in 2008.

7. By 2030, more than 23 million people will die annually from cvds.

Highlights Of The Product

it is a mixture of two natural liquids

The liquids eliminates all forms of risk an individual might have under 2weeks.

The product is not a drug but just a mixture of two natural liquids which means you can not overdose.

Everyone that feels at risk of heart disease can take it, no age ristrictions.

It healps to shed off weight and unhealthy fat from the body for maximum fitness and health.

It purges out all forms of smoke from the body, both second-hand smoke and smokes from smoking.

It helps keep the blood pressure normal to ensure a healthy heart.

All these are just some of the benefits of taking this product.

With all these stats and facts, i hope you now know the threat heart disease pose to our life and why preventing it is a necessity so as to achieve a healthwise security. For the records, this heart disease preventer being sold by IRG has been tested over the years on individuals with very high risk of heart disease and was found to eliminate all risk factors therefore putting them on the safe side once again. Be wise and order for your heart disease preventer now and i am sure you would thank me later.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Bone and muscle Injuries and their prevention and treatment

bone and muscle injuries
Welcome, today we're going to talk about the bones and muscles, injuries that could happen to them and how to prevent those injuries from happening and maintain a good health.Below are the sorts of injuries that could happen to the bone and muscles:

1.Strain:a strain is a pulled muscle, which happens as a result of over stretching of the muscle or by doing any other thing that involves the muscle in excess. This may also happen during a workout session when you move and twist you body in a way that is not appropriate.

2.Sprain: a sprain is an injury to the muscles, ligaments, tendons and soft tissues around a joint. Generally , sprains are more dangerous to the general health of  muscles and bones and it hurts more and take longer to heal than strains.

3.Fracture: a fracture is a broken bone. most fractures also involve strains and sprains to the connecting muscles and ligaments. a stress fracture is a weak spot or small crack in the bone, often due to an increase in an activity that affects the bone by pounding.

4.Dislocation: a dislocation occurs when one end of a bone is pushed or pulled out of place at a joint.

      unless a broken bone is obvious, it can be difficult to tell if an injury is a sprain, strain or fracture. injuries often involve all three. rapid swelling often indicates a more serious injury which requires proper health attention.
      most minor strains and sprains can be treated at home, but severe sprains, fracture and dislocated joints needs professional healthcare. taking the time for good home treatment will often prevent further damage to an injured limb on the way to the doctor.
It will also help to splint the injured region of the body. splinting immobilizes a limb that may be broken so that it isn't injured more. there are two ways to splint a fracture: tie the injured limb to a stiff object or fasten it to some other parts of the body. do not tie too tight.
      For the first method, tie rolled-up newspapers or magazines, a stick,a cane, or anything that is stiff to the injured limb with a rope, a belt or anything else that will work.
      position the splint so that the injured limb cannot bend. a general rule is to splint from the joint above the fracture to a joint below it. for example, splint a broken forearm from above the elbow to below the wrist. for the second method, tape a broken toe to the next toe or immobilize an arm by tying it across the victim's chest.

       Many strains, sprains and fractures in older adults are the result of falls so falls also are dangerous to health. to prevent or reduce your risk for these muscle and bone injuries as an adult, you have to maintain a good balance at all times and try to prevent falls as much as possible.
                                   Treatment for bone and muscle injuries.
        Generally speaking,if the injury is to a muscle, ligament, tendon, or bone, the basic treatment is the same. it involves a two part process:RICE(rest, ice, compression,elevation) to treat the acute pain and injury; and MSA(movement,strength,alternative activity) to help the injury heal completely and to prevent further problems. the RICE process should begin immediately for most injuries. if you suspect a fracture, splint the affected limb to prevent further injuries. if the sprain is to a finger or part of the hand, remove all rings immediately.
REST: do not put weight on the injured  joint for at least 24 to 48 hours. do not splint a joint or wear a sling for longer then 48 hours.
*use crutches or a wheelchair to rest a badly sprained knee or ankle.
*support a sprained wrist, elbow or shoulder with a sling, which helps the injury to heal faster.
*rest a  sprained finger or toe by taping it to a healthy one.
ICE: cold will reduce pain and swelling and promote healing. Heat feels nice, but until all of the swelling is gone, it does more harm than good. apply ice or cold packs immediately to prevent or minimize swelling.
COMPRESSION:wrap the injury with an elastic bandage or compression sleeve to immobilize and compress the sprain. don't wrap it too tightly as it might cause more swelling. loosen the bandage if it gets too tight.
ELEVATION: elevate the injured area on pillows while you apply ice and anytime you are sitting or lying down. try to keep the injury at or above the level of the heart to help minimize swelling.
       Begin the MSA process as soon as the initial pain and swelling have subsided. this may be in three days or up to a week or longer, depending on the location and severity of the injury. resume activities slowly. any increased pain may be a sign that you need a little more rest.

MOVEMENT: resume a full range of motion as soon as possible after an injury. after one or two days of rest, begin moving the joint. if an activity causes pain, stop it and give the joint more rest. gentle stretching will prevent scar tissue(formed as the injury heals) from limiting movement later. 
STRENGTH: once the swelling is gone and range of motion is restored, begin gradual efforts to strengthen the injured area.
ALTERNATIVE ACTIVITIES: after the first few days, but while the injury is still healing, phase in regular exercise using activities that do not place a strain on the injured area.
       All these are the most effective and best ways to prevent and treat bone and muscle injuries, so whenever a bone or muscle injury occurs, please make sure to apply the tips listed here.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Habits that improves the human health

improve  human  health
The habits of any individual on earth is of a very great concern and importance to both the individual's health and many health organizations worldwide. Developed countries around the world spend millions of dollars annually on healthcare and other health related services. there are many factors that are capable of causing great harm to the general health of individuals and some of these factors have been attempted to be put under control by health organizations around the world but they always draw a blank. over the years, healthcare and health products have become very expensive around the world world, but especially in the US and this have attracted great criticism from the masses but people seem not to understand that it takes time, work, research and lots of money before one drug is made but the main reason why drugs are very high in price is because some pharmaceuticals were the first to blaze a trail in certain fields and hence they want to taste blood(get early success). this and many other reasons have made people to look for tips and ways to improve their health and that's the main reason for this post, below are great tips that are big breaking(good)for health.
1.Daily exercise
2.Healthy Dieting
3.Drinking adequate amounts of water.
4.Eating foods that are rich in dietary fiber.

*Daily exercise: this has been one of the major and most reliable ways to improve the general health of any human being. but in recent times, people have started to use this medium for body building and not to maintain their health. great exercises such as wrist twist, jogging, running, side bends e.t.c have been neglected/replaced by not so important exercises such as sit up,crunch e.t.c. I'd advice individuals to concentrate on exercises that enhances the body's general performance which in turn will increase the general health of the body.

*Healthy Dieting: this is one of the major keys to a good health that many people have been approaching from the wrong side. Healthy dieting does not mean restricting yourself from certain food or skipping meals, but when i say healthy dieting, i mean making sure that all your meals contain a healthy amount of the six classes of food. in order to maintain a good health, you should always make sure that your meals contain an adequate amount of the six classes of food.

*Drinking Adequate Amounts Of Water: water is one of the major nutrients needed by the body on a daily basis. people that are fat should try to drink as much water as possible because fat people generally have low amounts of water in their body and that is not good for health at all, drinking water always will help to regulate the body temperature and also prevent dehydration from occurring.

*Eating Foods That Are Rich In Dietary Fiber: this is not something of the fresh but is such a great point that this post may not be complete without it. dietary fiber plays a very important role in the body. the main reason why dietary fiber is important in meals is because it is very hard to digest and so it costs the body more calories to digest than any other sort of food. so always try to make sure that your meals contain a healthy amount of dietary fiber.

Asthma-symptoms and preventions

asthma symptoms and prevention.jpg
Asthma is a kind of illness or cough that blocks the air ways and by so doing the muscles guarding the lungs will have a sudden contraction. when this happens, breathing becomes very difficult to accomplish , most times it can lead to death. This kind of cough can be contacted by anyone. sometimes a patient suffering from asthma could use an inhaler but when the cough gets serious and the inhaler is out of reach, that's when death becomes the next thing in line except by the divine intervention of God or if someone comes to the patients aid, all this is to tell you how deadly this sort of cough is and there are some practices that can lead to asthma like smoking or breathing in smoke of any kind and cold.there are but a few things to keep off from in order to prevent asthma and they include:
2.air pollution
3.cold places or things
                                           symptoms of asthma
1.breath loss
2.sounds while breathing
3.hard cough
4.chronic dry cough

1.Smoking: generally, smokes are dangerous to health. smoke from generator, cigarette, burnings or any other thing. if an individual is into smoking, I'll advice you keep off because apart from it being a major cause of cancer, its also a causing factor for asthma.

2.Air pollution: this is a means whereby the natural air is contaminated by chemicals from factories or smokes from vehicles e.t.c. if a person breathes in contaminated air, it could  be very dangerous to health. people living around factories that causes air pollution should always wear a nose mask or stay indoors whenever they feel the natural air is contaminated.

3.Avoid anything cold: like most times when the atmosphere is very cold due to constant rainfall or snow, people should be well covered when going out during those times and when indoors, the house should be kept warm either by closing all entrances or by putting on a heater. lying on cold places should also be avoided. for homes with air conditioner, it should not be in constant use. always keep your environment warm to avoid the occurrence of asthma.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013


how to prevent mesothelioma.jpg
Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that develops from cells of the mesothelium, the protective lining that covers most of the internal organs of the body.mesothelioma is dangerous but many people still don't know. this disease called mesothelioma can be prevented but the means of prevention available is what many don't want to adhere to. sometimes i wonder why people know that something is not good for their health and yet they still go close to that thing. mesothelioma is caused mostly by asbestos and this same asbestos is what many people still use and come in contact with everyday. mesothelioma has very many dangerous effects to human health apart from its main effects that will be discussed soon. people  in the united states and some other parts of the world are more at risk of the disease and this is because asbestos which is the major cause of mesothelioma is used mostly by Americans in the construction of houses. mesothelioma is not well known by many people, some people have never even heard about it in their entire life. in the country where i come from, i doubt if there is an individual that knows much about this disease called mesothelioma. mesothelioma kills and yet not many people know about it and the most painful thing is that some doctors never give advice against constant contact with asbestos, the primary cause of mesothelioma. this disease called mesothelioma is a slow killer that gradually shortens the life span of the individuals that it affects. my number one of writing this page about mesothelioma is to enlighten people more on mesothelioma and this page will cover areas such as how to prevent mesothelioma, how to reduce the risk of being infected by mesothelioma, how mesothelioma is diagnosed, treatments for mesothelioma and other aspects that will enlighten people on the in and out of the dangerous disease called mesothelioma. first, I'd like to discuss how mesothelioma starts and the process and stages of mesothelioma.

                                              How Mesothelioma Starts
As we all know, mesothelioma(or malignant mesothelioma) is a rare form of cancer that develops from the protective lining that covers the internal organs of the body. the major cause and start of mesothelioma is constant exposure to asbestos. the most commonly affected part by mesothelioma is the pleura, which is the outer lining of the lungs and internal chest wall but it can also occur in the peritoneum which is the lining of the abdominal cavity, the pericardium which is the sac that surrounds the heart or the tunica viginalis which is the sac that surrounds the testis. majority of the people suffering from mesothelioma have worked in jobs where they inhaled or swallowed asbestos fibers or were exposed to airborne asbestos dust or fibers in other ways. handling the clothes or any other property taken always to work by a friend or family member who works with asbestos also creates a risk for getting infected by mesothelioma. mesothelioma has no association with tobacco smoking unlike lung cancer, but smoking increases the risk of other cancers caused by asbestos.

Fitness And Health

fitness and health.jpg
First,I'll start by defining the word fitness. Fitness unlike most people think is not about having a six pack ab or getting as slim as possible by involving in fat loss workouts or by going for fat loss surgeries, rather fitness is a state of being physically healthy by having more muscles than body fat which is brought about by regular exercise,dieting and taking of fat loss diets(depending on body type).
                         HOW TO ACHIEVE FITNESS
To achieve fitness, you must know whats good for your body. most people don't seem to know whats good for their body for natural fat loss and hence lead to their fitness and that which is good for your body for effective fat loss is usually decided by the body type. now lets take a look at the body types.

  1. fat
  2. skinny(thin)
  3. slim
  4. big             
*The fat: these are the group of people that have excess glycogen stored beneath/in their skin and need a lot of fat loss workouts and fat loss diets to get back in shape. fat loss and fitness should be a priority for humans. The cause of being fat is the intake of more calories than needed by the body which can be very harmful to the body's fitness. take a deep observation and you'll find out that most fat people have eating disorders. they seem not to be in control of what to, how to and when to eat. Almost all "the fat ones" are addicted to chocolate, cakes, sweets e.t.c. In most countries, "the fat ones" are treated as though they are not humans because being fat attracts teasing, bullying, assault e.t.c, that is why over 80% of fat people are not happy. if there is one thing a fat person prays for everyday is to lose fat fast and get slim.I'd seen on many fitness websites where they administer the same fitness program for other body types to the fat, some even give the same fitness program  to all body types which is not the right thing to do.below are some tips for "the fat ones" to achieve fitness.

Fast Fat Loss

fast fat loss.jpg
Fat loss is a state whereby you make the body lose fat either by dieting or workout or both. fat loss have always been misunderstood like many other aspect of weight loss. fat loss takes time to achieve and fat loss can mostly be achieved by involving in fat loss workouts and dieting, although it takes a little longer, fat loss can also be achieved without dieting, all that will be needed is the intake of some foods that aid fat loss(fat loss foods) and you'll lose fat fast but not as fast as when you involve in fat loss workouts and watch your diet. it is also important to note that fat loss does not happen overnight unlike many fitness websites would tell you and even go as far as claiming to have a plan for effective fat loss within a period as short as one week, but i say to you today that no amount of workout or dieting will give you noticeable fat loss within such a short time. this is not to get you confused, there are some websites, very few though, that can keep up to at most seventy percent(70%) of such promises. fat loss can also be achieved if you follow the below listed tips which have proven to be effective for fat loss.

                                                                      Fat loss workouts
1.Running and jogging

These are the most effective workouts for quick fat loss. this workouts can lead to drastic fat loss when done correctly, now lets go down to explain how these workouts work and the right ways to do them.

1.Running and jogging - This workout is one of the most effective around the world for fast fat loss. this workout can be done as cardio or for body building. this workout aids fast fat loss by increasing the heart rate which will in turn increase the metabolism of the body. during this workout, the heart rate is increased, the increment should be kept steady for a maximum time of twenty to thirty minutes, the higher the faster the rate of fat loss. if the heart rate is not increased and kept that way for this minimum time, fat loss might occur but it will be in extremely small amounts. the workout is very good both for those aiming at fat loss and those who wish to maintain their weight. this workout is very easy and can be done anywhere, the best time to do this workout for fast fat loss is in the morning, before eating in order for fat loss to be rapid. if you've been reading posts on this blog you'd know that the best time to go for jogging or running is in the early hours of the morning(6-8am) this is because there is no energy present in the body except the ones present in fat cells, so by involving in workouts by this time, you force your body to release the energy stored in fat cells
(usually in the skin) and when this energy is released on a constant basis, it will lead to fast fat loss. another reason why jogging and running is best done in the early morning hours is because insulin has not been released by the body at that time. insulin has other functions but am going to talk about its function in relation to fat loss. I'd like to call insulin the ultimate provider and guard of fat cells. insulin sends excess fats and carbs that are taken into the fat cells and it also prevents the fat cells from releasing energy whenever it is released by the body. insulin is not a friend of fat loss, the good guy that many people seek. if this workout is done the right way i.e for at least twenty to thirty minutes then i assure you, you're going to experience fast fat loss which will be accompanied by a more muscular body.

Dental Care

dental care.jpg
welcome, today we'll discus about the teeth and its importance. first I'll educate you on everything about the teeth and ways to care for it. like we all know, the teeth plays a vital role in things like smiling, talking, eating e.t.c. many people don't really know the true value of the teeth so they pay deaf ear to teeth maintenance tips. the facial beauty of every person is hidden in the teeth. a good looking teeth catches attention when flashed through talking or smiling. most times we cause harm to our teeth through the use of hard objects and other injury inflection materials to either pick or scrub , secondly the maintenance of the teeth does not just end after early morning cleaning and washing, a whole lot has to be done when it comes to teeth maintenance . i can say that through my visit to places I've seen different kinds,types and shapes of teeth, from the good,beautiful and sparkling to the bad, multicolor, ugly and dark kinds of teeth. the ones with the good looking set of teeth did more than just early morning cleaning because they truly know the value of their teeth, while the ones with the funny looking set of teeth did less than early morning cleaning because they don't know the value of their teeth. it takes only a good friend to tell you how your temperance looks. and its really hard to find such friend that's why we are here for you. follow this tips below carefully.

1.Washing thoroughly with water after every meal
2.Avoid using highly concentrated mouth wash substance
3.Avoid picking with hard objects
4.Avoid concentrating on some areas when washing
5.Avoid hot meals
6.Avoid biting hard objects
7.Avoid wrong use of teeth e.g opening of bottle crown with the teeth
8.Avoid use of hard or strong tooth brush
9.Avoid too much brushing of the teeth daily

1.Washing thoroughly with water after every meal -  this helps to remove particles of food left between the teeth and on the teeth after eating. there are always particles of food left behind on the teeth after eating and if this is ignored, it can transform to decay when stuck to the teeth and it can change the appearance and look of the teeth. it also helps to reduce the risk of mouth odour. this is the first and most important of all teeth maintenance tips because it makes the work of using a tooth brush easier, now you don't have to scrub harder while brushing because you're trying to remove left-over food materials  that are stuck in and on the teeth. the use of warm water is not necessary, the most important thing is that you wash your mouth thoroughly after every meal.

2.Avoid using highly concentrated mouth wash substance - this is the most common among us, we think the mouth wash substance with high concentration is the most effective. some tooth paste are so strong that you can't hold it in your mouth for a long time, it will seem as if your mouth is on fire. things like that are not good, they can cause damage to your gum and inner mouth which will in turn lead to tooth problem. so avoid substances or tooth pastes that are highly concentrated.

3.Avoid picking the teeth with hard objects- picking your teeth with hard or sharp objects is not advisable, it can create a gap between your teeth, by pushing apart the gums that seals between two teeth. this can also lead to a severe tooth ache if practiced often and it could require a dental attention when the pain is increases, you should always use a tiny and soft object or rather use a tread, that feels better and safer. tooth picks with sharp edge should be carefully used to avoid piercing through your gum.but the most safe method is the use of tread.

4.Avoid concentrating on some areas of the teeth when washing- the mouth is not washed if some important areas are left out, like the back of the teeth. some people have a really nice front teeth that will catch your attention at first sight, but after accidentally taking a view at the back areas that's when you'll start having a rethink. no good job is perfect if done half. you'll have to complete the cleaning process and leave no part untouched. wash from the incisors to the molar(back and front) this will help establish a good set of teeth.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Meal planing(good nutrition and malnutrition)

meal plannin.jpg
As an introduction, the characteristics generally associated with a well nourished person are set down and contrasted with the characteristics often evident in a person suffering from malnutrition. it is likely that anyone who is suffering from gross malnutrition is a result of carelessness with diet or from lack of knowledge, there are some number of people who do not enjoy all the benefits associated with a well-balanced diet and malnutrition, from the onset is always attributed to lack of
knowledge and/or carelessness with diet. most times people can suffer from malnutrition through apathy, laziness or lack of knowledge of food values. the problem applies to both sexes and to all age groups. a girl living alone should have added incentive of knowing that a well balanced diet will do much more for her appearance than any cosmetics and hair design does. all she has to know is the basic five food groups and recommended amounts of each food  and of course make sure that she gets them daily. if any of these unpleasant symptoms appear, you should suspect your diet and your food habits, bad food habits once established are difficult to change. considerable thought and will-power are required to make a successful change.

                                                       Symptoms of malnutrition.  
1.Poor body development(undersize)
2.Weight reduction below average
3.Muscles becomes smaller and flabby
4.Skin loss and pale, waxy or shallow
5.Hair often rough
6.Eyes with a dull look,dark hallows or blue circles under eyes
7.Facial expression drown,worried,old or animated but strained
8.Fatigue posture, head thrust forward, chest narrow and flat, shoulder rounded, abdomen protruding
9.Irritability over activity and lack of concentration
10.Sleepless state, restless and spasmodic.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Tips To Maintain A Healthy Digestive System

digestive system.jpg
Today is yet another great day, a great day with new learning and new findings. our topic of discussion today is the digestive system and how to keep it in an healthy state always. first, lets get to know how and what the digestive system does for the body. the digestive system is a group of organs that work to absorb useful nutrients and minerals for the body from the food taken in. the above definition makes it clear that the digestive system won't work unless you eat and the type and quantity of food taken in still plays a role. the food taken in must be digested for a healthy living and for the food to be digested, it must come in the form and type which the digestive system can work with, if not, it becomes a problem to the body. there are some things people do while feeding not knowing that it has a negative effect on their digestive system and health in general. below i will clearly state the things to consider in order to maintain a good digestive system.

*food cooking
*size of food particles
*drinking water before and after meals
*quantity of meal
*nervous tension
*eating position

*food cooking: it is true that in most cases cooking increases the palatability of foods. some foods such as raw meat could be eaten raw and digested but not with any degree of pleasure. there are some foods that should be cooked before eating e.g cereals and cereal products. in this case, the cell walls surrounding the starchy material must be softened and the cell contents changed to more digestible products with moist heat. the method of cooking often has an effect on digestion, bad cooking can have a deleterious effect e.g proteins cooked quickly so that they are hard and tough, foods coated with fat as happens when frying is done at low temperature. always ensure that your foods are properly cooked.

Drug abuse and dangers

This is one major problem that has not been properly addressed and looked into, drug misuse is not about taking of hard drugs like cocaine, heroin and others, though all this drugs are harmful also. but the one on our discussion table is the popular drug misuse whereby a person is under self prescription, taking over dose of drugs, constant using of drugs for one sort of assistance and more. and in a case whereby drugs are over used it can lead to addiction and trying to break free from addiction can be nearly impossible and sometimes expensive. drugs over used that can lead to addiction are mostly drugs for appetite, drugs for sleep, weight loss or gain weight drugs, most people can't eat without taking an appetite giving drug and they do that often. for the aspect of sleep, there are drugs to make you sleep or keep you awake, both can be deadly to the health and can lead to other health problems. in other words, drug addiction is a deadly practice and it happen to be through constant use of drugs which is also known as drug misuse. below are some other drugs that are misused.

 4.Drugs for fat
 5.Weight loss drugs

1.Tranquilizers - This is a drug helps to relax the body in times of tension, anxiety, fear e.t.c. a person using such drug will not know when he/she will be addicted to it, I'll advice everyone using this drug not to always keep a large quantity at home because when little things comes up you'll rush to such drug for relief by so doing you're getting addicted to the drug gradually. relaxing can be done naturally by the use of water or any non-alcoholic liquid.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

How To Grow Healthy Kids(child health)

When growing up, kids should be given special treatment and care. growing healthy kids depends wholly on the parent(s), first you should understand that kids are more prone to diseases than adults and hence they should always be on a constant watch in order to be able to control what they are doing at all times. kids have different behaviors and  characters, some are bad and some are good so its left for you to determine the character of your child and work with it if it's right or correct it if it's wrong. there are many ways to bring up healthy kids but we are going to discuss the few major ones.#

*Outings and fun
*Time and attention
*Love and care
*Constant medical check up

*Feeding: one of the best ways to grow healthy kids is by feeding them with highly rich meals containing all the classes of food in adequate proportions. there are some food types that are highly needed for a healthy child growth. feeding here describes the act of providing these relevant foods for your kids and not filling them with foods that are not important and can be harmful to their health. you should always consider giving your kids adequate amounts of protein, carbs, water, calcium and vitamins. healthy meals for children should contain mostly protein and carbohydrate as the proteins helps to build the body and repair all worn out tissues and cells and the carbohydrates provides energy for the daily activities of the child. proteins do not have much of effects when taken excessively unlike carbs which has the ability to make kids fat when they are taken in excess and it can also lead to disorders such as diabetes so its very important that the intake of carbs be highly monitored. water aids easy digestion and diffusing of the nutrients in the food to the body which it is needed. water also controls the body mass and it is so because water taken in, no matter how small or large its amount is, about 76% of it is retained by the body and the rest is passed out therefor you should consider giving your kids water only when it is necessary. calcium helps to grow healthy and strong bones and also a good set of strong teeth. vitamins stimulates the body's immune system to fight diseases.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Healthcare For The Heart

Here, we are going to be talking about the ways to provide healthcare for the heart. there are many ways to provide healthcare for the heart, which we'll get to discuss later on but first lets look at the heart and its functions.
                                                                The Heart
the heart together with the blood vessels(circulatory system) helps to supply oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body. the heart is the foundation of a physically balanced life at any stage, but especially as you begin to age. the health of the heart determines how far or how much we can do most of the things that we do on daily basis. to a great degree, the health of the heart and the circulatory system is accountable to how far you can walk, how late you can dance and how long you can run. the heart is a hollow muscle and when it contracts, it forces blood to surge out through the arteries to the lungs, where the blood can get oxygen that was collected from the atmosphere. from the lungs,  the blood returns to the heart and is pumped into other parts of the circulatory system, which then carries the oxygen-rich blood through the arteries to the innermost parts of the body. once the blood has given its load of oxygen to the cells, it circulates through the veins, back to the heart where the whole process starts again. normally, the heart and circulatory system provides a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients and this is the main baby(responsibility) of the circulatory system. when there is a problem with any part of the circulatory system, it may not function as well and that is why it is very important to provide good healthcare to the heart because heart and circulatory diseases are the leading causes of death in adults. below are measures and information about how to  reduce your risk and manage these diseases.

                                      HOW TO PROVIDE HEALTHCARE FOR THE HEART.
There are few risk factors for heart diseases that are beyond the control of man, such factors include being male and getting older but every other risk factor can be controlled and they include smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol e.t.c.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Ways to turn belly fat To muscle

There are many ways to turn belly fat into muscle but here, am going to outline the most effective and easy way to do workouts for effective fat loss in the belly region. if you have a fatty belly, then you really need to do these workouts because belly fat around the abdominal region has great dangers and includes you being at risk for heart disease, cancer, hypertension, stroke, diabetes e.t.c. that's why belly fat is a very serious health issue. the round type of belly fat and the shape associated with it is widely termed by doctors as ''apple shape''. the worst thing about belly fat is that even skinny people can have unhealthy belly fat and it has been shown through research that fat may be folded and hidden deep inside the belly, usually around the stomach organs, and such belly fat can only be seen by MRI or CT imaging, and this fat is as dangerous as the visible belly fat and also puts individuals at the same health risks as someone with the visible belly fat. belly fat is not just an ordinary fat present in the belly, it acts like an organ in your body and it gives out hormones and inflammatory materials in large quantities. belly fats(abdominal fat) tends to break down easily into fatty acids and it flows directly into the liver and muscles. so you see, belly fat does not only affect the abdominal region, with time, it affects and spreads to the whole body. the reason why belly fat puts individuals at risk of diabetes is that, when the belly fat breaks down into fatty acids, it gets drained mostly into the liver and that causes a whole lot of changes in the body which includes increasing the production of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, and this accounts for insulin resistance (one of the major causes of diabetes) at this point the blood sugar is no longer balanced, clots and fats enters the blood stream and that gives room for hypertension, heart disease e.t.c abdominal fat also causes a change in  angiotensin(a hormone that controls blood vessel constriction) thereby increasing the risk of stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure e.t.c. now that you know the risks of belly fat, i know everyone wants a toned, flat and muscular stomach. below are some workouts to help burn belly fat. one of these workouts were developed by the bigmykefitness team just for you, so enjoy.

1.Wall push
2.Bicycle crunches

1.Wall push  - This workout is not difficult, all you need to do is to stand straight and rest your back on a wall, then bend as if you want to squat but let  it be half way i.e bend till your waist is almost in line with your knee then place your palm flat on the wall. all you have to do now is to push your body away from the wall then rest back on the wall, do this continuously until you get tired. this is a multipurpose workout that trains both the belly and chest areas.

2.Bicycle crunch -This is one of the most effective workout that you can do to lose belly fat fast and reduce your risk for diabetes, this
workout is just a little bit different from the normal crunch. the only difference between this workout and the normal crunch is in the movement of the legs which is done as if you're riding a bicycle and the left knee should be made to touch the right elbow and the right knee, the left elbow.

To get more belly fat workouts, make sure to visit the six pack abs page.